Poultry House China

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Poultry House China

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Light steel construction
●Single-span steel construction from 12m to 20m or more.
●Fit for floor raising, cage raising, double-storey house
●Design based on wind load and snow load
●Main structure like truss, beam, purlin and opening framework is high strength steel.
●Wall insulation R value R12 (2.11 K·m²/W),ceiling R value R18(3.17K·m²/W)
●No need welding on site, connecting all frames with screws to achieve high efficiency.
●Tight structure, energy-saving
●Main structure economical, 10-11KG/M2
Advantages comparing with traditional brick and concrete structure:
●Installation: Easy installation in a short period
●Flexibility: Steel construction supply more span for higher bird density, no need bigger bearing wall.
●Insulation: Insulated and tight, convenient for ventilation.
●Cost: Comparing with other building material, steel with more value and more cost optimal
●Acceptable standard: Main steel structure standard is acceptable by many countries.
●Strength: Steel with higher mass comparing with other material.
●Safety: Steel strength could supply good support to protect house and livestock even in worse climate.
●Quality: Steel structure unswerving, no cracking, no warp, no rot, no condensation and no expansion.
Customer zed designPoultry House China

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