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by Larry Neild

LONDON Cheap Isaac Seumalo Jersey , Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- "With this ring, I thee wed ..." and the bride will usually adopt her husband's surname in their marriage.

But in the new century, it will open up a whole new world of marriage for the big naming question when they utter those immortal words "I do."

British academics recently launched the country's biggest ever study into the impact of same-sex marriage on long-standing wedding traditions.

They want to know whether Britain's recent changes to its marriage law will lead to a new set of conventions when it comes to exchanging vows and changing names.

More than 1,000 men and women from across the country have responded to a soul-searching survey by the Discourses of Marriage Research Group, made up of academics from universities in Nottingham, Liverpool, Sheffield and Hull.

They asked people Cheap Jordan Hicks Jersey , both gay and straight, to fill out a survey to help reveal the answers to the big naming question.

"There is very little research in this area, so we are hoping to find out, from a large sample of people, what they and their friends are doing with their names and what influences those decisions," said Georgina Turner, a member of the research group.

The survey closed earlier this week Cheap Nelson Agholor Jersey , and now researchers will spend months analyzing the results to find answers to the big naming question. The team aims to deliver a clearer picture of marriage and naming in the 21st century.

Marriage remains a popular choice for many and is now a new option for those in same-sex relationships. With ceremonies becoming more and more personalized and varied, researchers are interested in finding out whether the same creativity is being applied to naming choices.

The team also wants to learn more about how the introduction of children can change attitudes, and also whether some long-term partners change their names but skip a marriage ceremony altogether.

"It was really important for us to hear from all kinds of different people so we can paint an accurate picture of naming choices in the UK, and have a look at how they might be changing -- or not," said Turner, a lecturer at the University of Liverpool.

"We're delighted with the positive response and can see that the question of surname choices is of concern to lots of people -- whether gay or straight, old or young Cheap Mack Hollins Jersey , unmarried or married, female or male. ... We can't wait to delve deep into the data," she added.

Lucy Jones from Nottingham University, another member of the research group, said that by far the majority of British women getting married take on the names of their husband as soon as they say "I do."

"This goes back to the days when women were regarded as property. The father traditionally 'gave away' his daughter and she became the property of her husband, and took on his name," Jones said.

She added that the results of the survey showed "a whole mix of decisions."

"Some couples stick with tradition; some will decide on double-barrel names using both surnames; a number will create an entirely new surname on marriage Cheap Donnel Pumphrey Jersey , perhaps a mix of their names, or even a name reflecting where they first met," Jones said.

"The traditions in conventional marriage go back a long way, but what we want to see is how the introduction of same-sex marriage, where there are no naming conventions, will impact on the whole convention of marriage names," she noted.

Han Shuo leaves her home for school as the new semester begins in September. Photo: Li HaoGT Han Shuo plays with her 11-month-old brother Han Bokang at home. Photo: Li HaoGT

Eight-year-old Han Shuo looks no different from any other young child. She is quiet Cheap Rasul Douglas Jersey , loves reading, doing origami and watching singing competitions on TV.

However, she never takes part in sports at school, has to be extremely careful when climbing stairs, and when she has nosebleeds, it takes more than three hours to stop.

When she stands, even her ankle-length cotton dress can't hide the fact that her belly has swollen up like a pregnant woman's: her spleen is almost 40 times the normal size.

"She had wanted to become a doctor when she grows up Cheap Sidney Jones Jersey , but the doctor said there's a possibility she won't live past 8 or 9," Han Shuo's father Han Qi said.

Han Shuo, living in Tianjin, was diagnosed with Gaucher's disease in 2009, a genetic disease that makes an enzyme defective and causes a fatty substance to accumulate in cells and organs. In Han's case, it makes her anemic, enlarges her spleen and obstructs her skeletal growth.

Enzyme replacement therapy is the only method to reduce the size of her spleen and keep her blood level stable Cheap Derek Barnett Jersey , but the medicine costs about 2 million yuan ($329,456) per year.

Gaucher's disease is categorized as a "rare disease." According to the World Health Organization, a rare disease is one that affects a small percentage of the population, ranging from 0.65 to 1 in 1,000. However, China does not have a clear definition of a rare disease. Moreover, the medicine developed to treat these diseases - often known as "orphan drugs" - are too expensive for patients Cheap Fletcher Cox Jersey , and sometimes not produced because of low profit margins.

Activists are pushing to get these orphan drugs included in national medical insurance and trying to make rare diseases more known to the public. Meanwhile, patients like Han are still faced with a dilemma.

Treatment dilemma

Han Qi first realized something was wrong with his daughter in 2009. Han Shuo's uncle was playing with her and felt a hard lump under her rib, where her spleen was.

Worried, Han Qi took her to a local hospital in Ji'nan, Shandong Province, and later in Beijing. The results shocked him.

"The examination report said she had Gaucher's disease. We had no idea what that was, but the doctor told me it was really bad. It's an extremely rare disease Cheap Carson Wentz Jersey ," he said. "There's no good cure.

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